OctaFX – Southampton Supreme game


Contest name:   OctaFX Southampton Supreme game

Winning team:
1. $150
2. $100
3.  $50
Every participant who scores a goal for the winning team gets a $10 additional prize.

Losing team:
1. $75
2. $50
3. $25

Goal:   Score as many goals as you can.
“Scored goal” denotes that a trader’s equity has doubled ($10 000 to $20 000, $40 000, $80 000).

The contest is held on demo OctaFX ECN account with $10,000 virtual balance. Leverage is 1:1000, minimum volume is 0.1 lot and maximum volume is not limited. You can use all trading techniques and EAs. .You may only enter each round once.

Information about the broker:
OctaFX is a broker from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. OctaFX was registered in 2011.

Contest registration:   close 10 minutes before round starts

Contest duration:   at 14:00 (EET) every Monday, the contest lasts 90 minutes   The promotion is over.

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  1. This promotion really catches boys’ eyes!!! I totally recommend this one for men population (99%) of forex field, their partnership with football team gives us, traders, quite a good chance to relax a bit from work and enjoy the statium huh. Creativity level is on TOP!


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