Grand Capital – Christmas Sprint $5000

Grand Capital

Contest name:   Christmas Sprint $5000

1st  place – $5000
2nd place – $2000
3rd  place – $1000
4-53th places – $10

Goal: The main goal is to trade the largest number of lots.
“The winners are determined as following:
-To calculate the rating we use a Trade Volume, according to which the participants’ positions are calculated (the higher the volume, the higher participant’s position is).
-The Volume is calculated with the formula: V=N*(B+D/100), where
N – total number of Lots traded, B – account balance at the moment the contest starts, D – deposits made while the contest was going on.
Example: Participant’s Initial deposit was 200USD. During the round the following orders were opened: EURUSD – 1.6 Lots, USDCAD – 1.2 Lots. During the round the participant deposited additional $150 to the account. In this case, the final result will be calculated as following:
V=(1.6+1.2+2.1)*(200+150/100)=987,35 (the Volume will be shown in the rating)” –

To participate in this promotion you have to open a real Standard accounts and deposit at least 100 USD.
New and existing clients can take part in the contest.
Maximum available leverage is 1:100. Maximum amount of open lots is 25.
You can withdraw prize funds at any time after they are deposited to the your account.

Information about broker:
The broker is operated by Grand Capital Limited a company which is incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles.
GrandCapital is regulated by CRFIN a self-regulating organisation from Russia.
Broker lets you choose from a variety of accounts: Micro, Standard, ECN, Option and SwapFree.
Minimal deposit is 10 USD, maximum leverage is 1:500.

Duration: from 14 December 2015 until 25 December 2015.

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