IronFX – Intergalactic Trading Competition


Contest name:   Intergalactic Trading Competition

1st   A ticket for a suborbital spaceflight on board Virgin Galactic Spaceship
-OR- $100 000 cash -OR- $150 000 + 9 999 round turn lots
2nd – 5th     $5 000
6th – 10th    $1 000
11th – 20th     $500
21st – 100th    $100

Get the highest return. The ranking is based on the following formula:
Winning Formula: (Net Profit / Deposits) x 100

In order to participate in the contest client should open an account and make deposit at least $1 000.
Existing clients can participate in the competition by opening an additional account for the FX Live Competition
purposes and can either make a fresh deposit or make an internal transfer to the new account.
US residents cannot participate in this contest.
Clients can open as many Trading accounts as they want during the Intergalactic Trading Competition

Registration Dates: 01 September 2014 – 31 December 2014
Competition Dates: 15 September 2014 – 31 December 2014

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