ADS Securities – Forex No-Deposit Bonus

ADS Securities

Promotion name:   Free 100 USD bonus – No Deposit Required

Bonus amount:   $100

How to get:  
Open a live MetaTrader 4 Prime account

Withdrawal requirements:  
Bonus can be transferred or withdrawn if the 5 million USD in nominal volume was completed in your account.
These conditions must be met prior to December 1, 2014.
Customer may withdraw any profits from the Account in minimum increments of $30 USD.

Other information:
The promotion applies to all new ADS Securities customers.

Promotion Valid: June 16, 2014 – July 16, 2014

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4 Responses to ADS Securities – Forex No-Deposit Bonus

  1. ADSS Service Manager says:

    Maimum, there is no scam here. If your account is invalid it would be because you failed to provide a verification code that you should receive as a text message on your mobile. If you have provided a wrong number or a land line number then your account won’t be validated. You could still contact ADSS support to get it sorted.

  2. Md. Sazzad Hossain says:

    How many lot i have to complete to withdraw the profit ….its really confusing to me……i have already completed 0.76 lot……

    • admin says:

      Profit you can withdraw but:
      “12. Customer may withdraw any profits from the Account in minimum increments of $30 USD.”
      it seems that there are no other restrictions.
      Bonus can be withdrawn after reaching volume of $5 million, it equals 50 lots where USD is base currency. (100 000 – 1 lot)

      Thanks for your comments

  3. Maimun says:

    scam broker. the gave me invalid account and hence i can’t trade

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