RoboForex – Forex No Deposit Bonus

RoboForex - no deposit bonus

Promotion name:   Welcome Bonus 3.0

Bonus amount:   15 USD

How to get:
1. Open new account and verify your identity.
2. Enter a bonus coupon code.

Withdrawal requirements:
Bonus can be withdrawn only if the total amount of closed deals is more than:
– 500 microlots (5 standard lots) for Fix-Cent accounts;
– 5 standard lots for Fix-Standard accounts;
– 750 microlots (7.5 standard lots) for Pro-Cent accounts;
– 7.5 standard lots for Pro-Standard accounts;

More information:
The no-deposit bonus is available for Fix-Cent, Pro-Cent, Fix-Standard and Pro-Standard accounts.
You can choose account with USD currency only.

Information about broker:
In Europe the broker is operated by the RoboForex (CY) Ltd, a company regulated by the CySEC. Outside Europe broker is operated by the RoboTrade Ltd, which is regulated by the IFSC.

Promotion valid: The promotion is over

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12 Responses to RoboForex – Forex No Deposit Bonus

  1. boyka says:

    I just opened an account with RoboForex, but when i contact with support,they told me, they dont have “no deposit bonus”. so i dont have bonus.

  2. aa says:

    I HAve these 4 coupon still aviblie to 30/1

  3. Anoop G says:

    coupon code: 816E98F138

  4. Sarvar says:

    Hello friends. Have you got the coupon. Please send me my gmail

  5. sam says:

    could you give me the coupon code

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anoop says:

    Roboforex coupon code: 49177964D8

  8. Muddassar bilal says:
    send me the coupon code

  9. Nicinha says:

    Roboforex coupon code: 087D86FD04
    Enjoy it

  10. asdf says:

    CODE!!!! plz

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