Monthly Traffic

January 2021
Sessions 29,570
Users 20,459
Page Views 97,499
Avg. Session Duration 4:04
December 2020
Sessions 29,414
Users 19,714
Page Views 102,028
Avg. Session Duration 4:24
November 2020
Sessions 31,729
Users 21,547
Page Views 107,885
Avg. Session Duration 4:18

Ad Pricing

Page Type
Desktop size
Tablet size
Mobile size
Page Views
Price per
month (USD)
#1All Pages970x90728x90336x280100%$550not available
#2All Pages970x90728x90336x280100%$450not available
#3All Pages970x90728x90336x280100%$300available now
#4All Pages970x90728x90336x280100%$200available now
#5 All Pages970x90728x90336x280100%$125available now

Ad Placements



Prices and traffic apply to, and Ad placements on and (~5% of traffic) are available only for EU regulated brokers that comply all regulators’ guidelines. There is no exception to this rule. With or without eu and pl traffic prices stay the same.

More information

– payments in advance
– minimum purchase time – 1 month
– possible ad rotation (up to 3 ads it’s free) and geotargeting (negotiable)
– invoice, EU-VAT invoice