FBS – 5 USD Cash Reward


Promotion name:   5 USD Cash Reward

Bonus amount:   $5

How to get:
1. Open a “Micro” Account
2. Verify your Personal Area
3. Connect Facebook profile and Like “FBS Markets Inc”
4. Click on “Get 5 USD Bonus” in your Personal Area

Withdrawal requirements:
Withdrawal with no limits, but the cost for the first fund withdrawal from the account is $7.
Leave a feedback on Facebook.

Duration of the promotion: Promotion is over
“If you increased your bonus balance 10-fold and more, if you want to share your secrets of a profitable trading, send a request and get 7 USD from FBS!”

Link to promotion

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4 Responses to FBS – 5 USD Cash Reward

  1. adnene says:

    new bonus in fbs is no deposit bonus 123 dollars GOODBYE

  2. jawad says:

    I serious ly disqualify and discourage FBS..becaus etheir behaviour is not only kiddish but also fraudulent
    1 they have no regulation
    2 they ask for giving review about them on other websites before withdrawl
    3 they dont ask about photo copy of visa card before deposit
    4 they ask about photo copy of visa card at time of withdrawl
    5 other brokers deal with skrill in mins and seconds..they take days
    6 so all nice users of this good website stay away from this scam..easy to deposit but difficult to w ithdraw

  3. Habibullahkhan says:

    FBS seems good broker…..until now i am satisfied with them…i ll post my more comments later

  4. Shadow Luxury says:

    Good broker. cost of 1st withdrawal is $7 + $1 (withdrawal fee). the fee and cost of 1st withdrawal will be deducted from your balance. no need to make a deposit.

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