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  1. I signed up for the $123.00 bonus account. It was only later when I read the terms carefully when I wanted to withdraw that I realised the work it takes. Apparently they have other bonus accounts that do not require such a fuss.

  2. For me all the Bonus accounts with FBS are working, I tried they gave me the bonus but I couldn’t meet the terms and conditions that is why I couldn’t withdraw anything. please read and understand their terms and conditions before doing anything. Goodluck.

  3. I hve traded with their $50 bonus I made $150 profit and I requested to withdraw $100….I gt my money same day so most of you who are saying that fbs are cheaters im not sure wat yu r tryng to do.

  4. Wow … The comments. I can’t even say anything. There are some people who can withdraw bonuses and some are not. Is it really that feasible to join FBS bonus? I am curious. From the broker itself, there must be a complete transparent about the withdrawal bonus terms. For trader themselves, they should at least read and not to be lazy to ask about bonus rules.

  5. The broker is a cheeater and a scammer indeed. Never waste your time trading Bellow is my chat with support line.
    Chat started
    Johana joined the chat
    Hello! How may I assist you?
    I just uploaded My ID for Account Verification
    Please, kindly type your e-mail here.
    Please hold one moment.
    Thank you for your kind understanding.
    Your account has been verified.
    Can I help you with anything else?
    About my bonus
    Yes sir?
    My bonus account was not found
    Now 0.00
    My previous balance before I traveled was $258…so why now 0.00
    Be kindly reminded that according to the terms and condiitions of the BONUS 123 you can trade with the Bonus amount for 7 days after you have opened the account.

    Once the 7 days have passed your balance will turn into 0 .
    You will be able to see your PROFIT in the promotion page here https://my.fbs.com/bonus/bonus123 .

    Profit equals to the final balance minus $123.

    For example, if you have a final balance of $223, means you made a profit of $100.

    To withdrawal your profit you will need to deposit, minimum amount of deposit is $1, and trade a certain amount of LOTS.

    For $100 you would need to trade 33,4 lots in total (100 divided by 3).

    A LOT is the volume you use to open an order.

    For each one lot you trade you will be able to withdrawal $3 of your profit the first day of every month.
    How to I trade 33.4 lot when my account is zero?
    To withdrawal or use your profit you will need to deposit, minimum amount of deposit is $1, and trade a certain amount of LOTS.
    I have read that condition so how do I trade 33.4 lot with 0.00 balance?
    $ 0.00
    Sir, please, read what I type carefully.
    As I said, you need to make a deposit.
    A lot is the volume you use to open an order, like you can see in the image.
    Each 1 lot you trade with the money you deposit will give you $3 of the bonus profit.
    I uderstood that but now I want to start trading with profit so where is the profit I made
    You have removed my profit together with your bonus
    The conditions say after the 7 days the balance will become 0, you can see your profit only in the promotion page, you can’t use it or withdraw it until you first have traded the lots.
    so where is the promotion page please
    Here sir https://my.fbs.com/bonus/bonus123 .
    I dont know how you want me to trade with zero balance now.
    How I cannot trade with that profit I made?
    Sir, this are the terms and conditions.
    I am explaining them, you can’t use the profit until you first deposit, minimum $1, and trade the lots you need.
    For each 1 lot you get $3 of your bonus profit.
    So serious..and painful conditions…I don’t believe that you can pay me if I made deposit
    The condition is for you to trade lots sir, to trade the lots you must deposit.
    We count the lots you trade only.
    We will consider ALL the lots you trade from ALL your accounts after you make your deposit.
    You can trade for UNLIMITED time.
    because your conditions never stated clearly that client must later deposit then aquired profit before he/she can withdraw
    You can always ask in here, our live chat, if you have any questions or doubts sir, we’re always here to explain to you anything you ask.
    Is I lot on cent account same as 1 lot on unlimited account?
    No sir, 1 lot in a cent account is 0.01 standard lots.

  6. FBS is the number one cheater broker(Scam Broker) , They always cheat with its clients. They always tell IP same. WTF…
    IP address is not so cheap ,so that a trader can use personal IP.
    Stay away from this Scam Broker…. See the broker review in FPA before wasting a single minute in any broker.


  7. yes i agrey with you . fbs broker is a big cheater i am earn up to 700$ he take my all money at this time my acount are 00.00 belance
    so sad…..

  8. Bonus 123” promotion conditions:

    Open account “Bonus 123”, and the 123 USD bonus will be credited to you automatically;

    Bonus funds are available for trading within 7 calendar days after account opening;
    At 00:00 on the 8th day, all open orders are closed automatically, bonus funds are deducted from the account, profit is fixed;

    After the bonus deactivation, “Bonus 123” account becomes a “Micro” account.
    Example: You got the bonus at 15:20 on April 13. Bonus will be deactivated at 00:00 on the night of April 20-21;

    Profit received on the bonus funds is withdrawable after the required lots are traded. Profit can be withdrawn every month in parts, in proportions according to the lots traded within the previous month. Profit available for withdrawal is calculated according to the formula: traded lots * 3. Time period for lots trading is unlimited;

    Calculations for withdrawable profit amount are based on the orders executed
    a) on the bonus account after the bonus deactivation,
    b) on other client’s accounts since the moment of bonus crediting.

    Profit is automatically credited in the beginning of each calendar month to the used-to-be-bonus account. If this account is already inactive, profit available for withdrawal is credited to any other active account of the client;

    Within 7 days after the “Bonus 123” account opening, it is prohibited to execute any financial operations on it: deposits, withdrawals, internal transfers; the options of deposit insurance and self-rebate are not available; partner commission is not credited for trading on bonus funds;

    Each clients/computer/IP can open only one “Bonus 123” account. It is prohibited to work through proxies or using any IP-address modifying software;
    FBS reserves the right to refuse a client in bonus granting with no reasons given or without prior notification;

    In case any violation of the “Bonus 123” promotion rules is suspected, FBS is eligible to block the bonus account and cancel profit earned on it. FBS reserves the right to unilaterally change or cancel any of the promotion conditions or terminate their action any time.


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