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A D V E R T I S E M E N T InstaForex Deposit Bonus

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  1. Totally SCam, don’t believe it, there are millions of rules and which you cannot remember them, so with a simple act, you may reach to this message: “the bonus account was closed due to violation of the rules”
    One of their stupid rules for this bonus is that ur IP must be the same all the time, if you change ur location or use another computer to connect ur account they will close your account!!!!!!!! sooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid rule

  2. I can i understand, why en.brokersofforex.com is supporting such scam. Just think, how we can trade with their rules. Very bad.


  3. I made 54usd profit, and when I was about to reach 100usd, they closed my open orders and withdraw my account to zero. I hate FBS. What a waste of time!!!!!

  4. Bonus is real but condition is very difficult maximum 5 order a time not above 0.01lot size . Order not count if close before 10 pips .if you close sell order EUR USD soo not again sell order before! 1 hours on EUR USD. By the way if you complete 5 lot so you open 500 position in a 22 days

    • actually it is posible…ryt now i got 122$ in profit just 1 week trading…i already traded 1lot in 1 week trading/…i f you just focus on trading it is really posible…by next week i can trade 0.5 lot a day…so in just 8 days i will reach the requires lots…

  5. I made 88usd profit, and when I was about to reach 100usd, they closed my open orders and withdraw my account to zero. I hate FBS. What a waste of time!!!!!

  6. For this bonus, can any lot size be used? And you mean if we dont get up to 100pips per trade, the profit wont count? Pls make this clearer…

    • Hi Anonymous. Kindly help on how you managed to take 500 positions effectively otherwise I have no problem on making a $100 but just to take 500positions ×0.01lot=5lot is what’s a challenge. Kindly advise my email graciousmambwe8@gmail.com or whatsapp/telegram +260970735114

    • Hi Anonymous. Did you manage to take 500 trades or more besides making over 100$ profits or you just managed to make over $100 profit. Kindly advise I am almost making the $100 profit and my bonus is supposed to expire in three weeks time.

  7. long time , but received my profits 100usd + more because i traded on normal Fbs live account later with this 100usd and i can really recommend this broker , fast withdrawal – 1-2 hour… one thing is that the spreads on the standard account could a little lower..

  8. The terms and conditions of the bonus are unrealistic, and unachievable. Just save your time and try another bonus(Tickmill and NPBFX are ok)

    • Can you please clarify your issue?
      We have a lot of clients with fulfilled conditions.
      It’s just about practice and patience 🙂

      • Hi Nic. Just kindly look at the condition of trading 5lots=500 positions ×0.01 in a month to 50days with not more than 5 positions opened at a time. This is the hard part of it but making over $100 dollar profit is not an issue in my case but the lots atleast if you can reduce it to 2 lots or over 1 lot. Unless if you tell me that one can get the profit through he/she has not reached the 5lot threshold.

    • My dear do you mean to tell me you managed to take positions of over 500 to fufill the 5lot in a month besides making a profit of over $100? Kindly advise how you managed you can contact me on whatsapp +260970735114 or email graciousmambwe8@gmail.com. Thank you

      • they said not more than 5 positions at a time , not 5 positions per day lol.. so you can open an average of 20 positions per day, probably

    • I will only believe in them if I see atleast 5 people who managed to withdraw (inside mt4/5 showing withdraw -##$ ) so far I have seen non of them

    • I don’t think its a scam broker because i Have withdrawn my profit even in 50$ bonus which i have made a profit of 100$, so i did withdraw my 100$ profit in the withdrawal was even faster, now even the 100$ bonus is great. It needs patient to achieve great things. As for me FBS is a great broker because withdrawal is much faster than any other broker.


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