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  1. I like the forexchief app that has access to all the forex brokers that are licensed by the MetaQuotes company, to consult them in the comfort of my smartphone

  2. It seems to me that forexchief is the best of the current traders, it has a library of free indicators, scripts and they give you personalized attention in case of any questions or needs you have in a cordial and effective way.

  3. I like that forexchief allows me to have in its app and web platform a detailed history of all my orders, transactions, among others … that is great not to have many complications to make my detailed inquiries

  4. I like the forexchief affiliate program, it allows me to have a constant income, and this broker does not have an mtr, that is, it has no minimum opening or closing price, which seems to me to be something of the most advantageous to work comfortably.

  5. I like forexchief because it has a wide variety of technical analysis that allows me to get the most out of the assets I have invested and leave a good profit margin.

  6. Although it could be improved, it seems to me that forexchief is a super complete and intuitive broker, it has tools with a very low margin of error and it is appreciated.

  7. When I started my forexchief demo account I realized how versatile it is to invest in cent accounts, to gain the confidence to start making bigger investments little by little, and multiply my income.

  8. Forexchief has an MT4 / 5 platform that according to what I have been researching is quite popular in the market, I have been using their mobile terminal for ios and androit, so I stay active no matter where I am.

  9. I like that forexchief thinks about its users and keeps them informed with economic and financial news within the terminal, that helps a lot when making decisions, regarding what is invested and what is not invested.

  10. I like their platform, it is modern and easy to understand, the tools they provide are very up-to-date even in their app. I am with them for their low commission and for their ideal commercial credits for when I see good investment opportunities

  11. From forexchief I would like to highlight its indicators, scripts, robots and utilities, accurate as well as easy to understand, I have already been able to withdraw through neteller quickly and safely

  12. I feel very comfortable working with forexchief and I can do practically everything from the app, ideal for following up and keeping an eye on opportunities.

  13. I like to think that we all have the option of being successful, so I did not refuse to try the forexchief broker when they recommended it to me, I started with very little, to minimize losses and now that I have been practicing ordering and managing the deposit for a while , withdrawal of funds and handling of the platform I feel that it will go very well, I am happy with its operation

  14. I am a trader and entrepreneur I like to study ways to grow my money and it can be said that with forexchief I have learned to make good decisions thanks to your commercial signals, your technical support has also been very useful to me.

  15. I like that when I open the forexchief app I can make transactions directly from the graph of the trading instrument, which seems really practical when I want to manage my orders

  16. I like to invest 10% of my earnings in forexchief because I like to be proactive in my finances, also with the tools that it provides me it makes it much easier to make my entries

  17. Hello everyone, I will give you my experience with the forexchief broker, at the beginning I was disappointed that I did not qualify in the initial bonus, but I kept working it, its leverage system was what hooked me, I still use it and it has become a great ally of my finances.

  18. I like the forexchief app that has access to all the forex brokers that are licensed by the company MetaQuotes, to consult them on the comfort of my smartphone

  19. So far I have been deposited $ 100 through Skrill’s electronic wallets. If I faced any kind of problem or didn’t understand something, I just contacted the helpdesk and they quickly solved my problem. Sometimes I visit the YouTube channel of ForexChief to expand my knowledge of forex trading that I need, since I am something new … There are analysis and trading signals, market reviews, free FX signals, technical analysis, economic calendar and many things that gave me knowledge, I think ForexChief is a very professional agent

  20. My opinion on forexchief is positive, I have been able to use my trading bots with them, the MQL4 built-in programming is the most recommended by experts to generate trading signals and trading robots.

  21. When I started with forexchief I qualified for the welcome bonus and it is something that helped me a lot when making better tickets, besides the low commission is something that helps me generate income when I make low entries.

  22. I like to be sure when it comes to investing and because I like to have a demo account to make transactions in cents, it gives me the security I need when investing in my main account. It is possible to say that it is a broker that fulfilled my expectations

  23. I like forexchief because it has a wide variety of technical analyzes that allow me to take full advantage of the assets I have invested and leave a good profit margin.

  24. It is recommended that you include the currency exchange icon or pair for when we are operating it is easier for us users, that is my observation of forexchief

  25. Making entries is very comfortable with forexchief because of the simplicity of its interface and I can quickly connect even when the connection is low, it has good leverage and very useful tools.

  26. The function of the MetaTrader 4 application for iOS allows the broker to receive the information in real time from the financial markets, that is very useful for me, that’s why I use forexchief.

  27. I think it is important that forexchief gives me access in your app and web platform a detailed history of all my orders, transactions, among others … that is fantastic not to have many complications to make my detailed inquiries and then fill my journal of investment movements.

  28. Am new to Forex and Forexchief was my first broker. Why I choose them I don’t know but their 500$ attracted me. So I deposited $500 and got another 500$ free as bonus. They said I can withdraw it anytime. I was not interested in withdrawing yet, Just want to trade and make profit. So after a few profit I placed withdraw form, and I got money in 10 hours. This is my first testimony. Very fast broker in everything

    • Thank you for this review. I did not know this until I read your comment. I deposited $200 and I got $400 in my account balance. The terms are easy to withdraw with this new bonus. I love it. My colleagues made very positive comments about Forexchief, that is why I decided to trade with them. They were right all along.

  29. I created a demo account out of curiosity and it should be noted that I do not expect that I had such good advice, I think to create a main account after practicing a little how to make my movements when investing, and try everything that Forexchief has to offer me.

  30. One of the positive aspects that I have been able to observe in forexchief, in the time that I have been using it is that they give you, in addition to the demo account, several types of options to choose from, between the mt4 / 5, classic or with a different aspect .

  31. Nothing is more important in the investment of currencies than having an agent that provides serious and reputable support, which helps to make decisions with a cold mind and with less worries, so I use forexchief, it keeps me moving forward day by day.

  32. Great Bonus from a nice broker. I remember using this bonus back then. It was given to me after following the procedure. No ID needed. I have been using Forexchief mt4 since then and its been perfect. I love and highly recommend this broker.

  33. With my MT5 forexchief account, I was able to use a full range of commercial assets, currencies, spot metals, CFDs on stocks, raw materials, among others … I can check this in the “single window” mode before investing or taking any action with My funds

  34. The Mt4 forexchief application allows me to track all my investments in real time, no matter where I check it, when I leave the university or in the comfort of my home, that is definitely a plus.

  35. You have the possibility to sell your successful transactions as commercial signals, I feel very safe with forexchief because the withdrawal of money is fast and without problems.

    • I am starting with this broker, I have seen different opinions, I have not yet retired, but it seems that the leniency is legal, I recommended this agent in an economy forum that I frequent and at this moment I do not see anything strange. I opened a classic account

  36. You have the possibility to sell your successful transactions as commercial signals, I feel very safe with forexchief because the withdrawal of money is fast and without problems.

  37. I have got the bonus today. They allowed me to trade with it. There are no issues so far. I love this broker because they are true to their promises and have very good platform.

  38. I’ve been with Forexchief for 3 months, and I thought that their technical service is very attentive. Another thing I liked was the light, fast vps service with which I can access my information quickly from anywhere. I just need the internet.

  39. What I like about the forexchief app is that it has access to all the forex brokers that are licensed by the MetaQuotes company, to consult them in the comfort of my smartphone

  40. I think it is a good broker to start with because it gives you comfort when making decisions, that I think is an important commercial signal, technical support and tools available to have detailed information of commercial movements.

  41. I got the bonus pretty faster than I expected. I thought I would have to submit documents first. I only scanned the QR code on my page and the bonus appeared in my account. It was awesome. 100USD just like that. I have been trading with that money; I have lost and gained, but yet to withdraw profit. Overall, the broker is a very nice platform to trade. Cool

    • Hello, I am trading with the bonus as well. I have made $200 profit and the broker told me I am free to withdraw the money. I have not withdrawn yet because I want my margin to remain at this level and grow it from there. My friend who introduced me was able to withdraw his money and he showed my proof before I agreed to use the bonus. Can you tell me what message they sent you?

  42. Operating in intangible transactions such as, for example, investing in electronic currencies is a delicate matter and lends itself to many scams, forexchief has shown me that they are people of confidence and that at all times they are there to answer the doubts of their users.

  43. Something that I think is very important when I subscribe to a service is that they have clear terms and conditions, the forexchief broker is quite specific with that area, they are quite responsible and the transactions in their platform are fast and effective.

  44. The bonus was incredibly fast to get. This is the easiest bonus I have applied for. There were no rubbish rules and regulations. Now I am trading on a live account with the $100 in my account. Awesome!!!

  45. They are a promising company, I have been working for 3 months and their mt4 platform, enjoying their leverage system and low commissions, I went in to test if it was worth it and they have really given me a good surprise, I have already made my first withdrawal; forexchief is a good company

    • I feel comfortable with forexchief because I can make my tickets and follow them from the mobile to know when to remove them, I also have most of the tools from your app.

  46. I was able to withdraw my bonus through skrill, I suppose some have not been able to do it because they do not comply with the broker’s requirements; forexchief is a responsible broker with low commissions that in my opinion are good

  47. Getting the bonus was so easy. I think this is the quickest bonus I have got in a long time. I am so very happy that I was able to start a live account without depositing money to the broker. As a new trader, I am slowly making progress. The bonus is real and the terms stated that I can withdraw my profit after meeting the requirements. Depositing my own money is not one of the options. Thanks to Forexchief.

  48. I have alredy withdrawn my bonus, my expirience with forexchief has been good, so far they have been responsible and i feel comfortable in their platform, i do not think it will change broker yet

  49. Do not waste your time. This is a very bad company. Even if you’re tired, they do not pay back. It says a variety of reasons

  50. I traded with these guys. They are the best i have already seen. After attaining the terms and condition, i swiftly withdrew my $100

  51. Spent a lot of time searching for a normal broker. With previous companies, it felt like they were not entirely honest. In the disputed moments, these brokers refer to some additional rules. Now, trading a long time on their platform, I can recommend this broker. At the moment, I do not see the prerequisites to change this brokerage company to another.

  52. Got a bonus through QR code from the first time. I heard that not everyone can do it. Not all phone models support their application. All conditions on the bonus fulfilled. I did not withdraw money from the deposit, because I decided to continue trading with them. Now the account MT4.DirectFX is opened. I use the maximum available leverage – 1: 400.

  53. Great bonus! I was looking for a new broker, since the old one had problems. I chose a brokerage company among those who have positive reviews. I chose Forex Chief because it was possible to check the platform, thanks to a free bonus of $100. In the end, I checked the broker and earned $100. Two in one! I stopped on this broker. I will trade EUR/USD and USD/JPY.

  54. I like most of all that the broker does not shake his nerves when withdrawing funds. And the rest depends on the trader. You know how to trade – you will earn, you do not know how – you will lose. Conditions are adequate, in technical terms, too, everything is fine. So I can recommend with a clear conscience.

  55. I recently started trading. ForexChief is my first broker. I registered because of the bonus. Still conditions in general were normal. The support service answers quickly, questions are resolved without excuses and delays. You can earn even a beginner if you do everything right. Money deduced on a card some times.

    • I really like the service that Forexchief has lent me, it is a modern platform, the withdrawals that I have made have been quick and its commercial signaling system has been very useful for me, besides being able to buy more tools to facilitate my work.

    • I was a able to withdraw the profit I made from the bonus. The broker screened my trades and allowed it, that I did not break any rule. Maybe you should have read the terms and conditions. I am still using Forexchief and they have been a very good broker.


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