Caesar Trade – 300$ No-deposit Forex Bonus

Caesar Trade

Promotion name:   $300 No-Deposit Bonus For Traders

Bonus amount:   $300

How to get:  
1. Register as a seller at
2. Verify your seller account
3. Open a CaesarTrade account

Withdrawal requirements:
Trade 25 lots to withdraw bonus and profit.
25 lots for every $50 bonus.

Other information:
Without a deposit, the bonus expires in 3 months.

A D V E R T I S E M E N T InstaForex Deposit Bonus

Information about broker:
Ceasar Trade is a broker registered and regulated in New Zealand.
Broker provides MT4 and mobile platforms.
CeasarTrade offers many promotions including big bonuses e.g. 400% deposit bonus.

Promotion valid:   Promotion is over

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  1. i received $1000 bonus & my understanding is im able to withdrawal 1% of my total account balance & only 1 withdrawal is allowed & when my account reaches $10.000 or i deposit funds equal to the initial bonus i received & only then am i allowed to withdrawal any fund in which i desire to withdral. .

  2. scammer!!!!!! Be aware of any people from this compnay, especially Joshua B. [moderated – surname and email have been removed] and Eric H.[moderated]!

    I traded TADWUL and won more than US$5000 profit. When I want to withdraw they accuse me arbitrarily attacking their system and just remove my profit from my account.

    When I complain it to their regulator FSCL, they said they can’t help me get back money and finally deregistered them from all the authorities from New Zealand.

    I think it is hard to get back the money. I am here to urge you broadcast this information to your own country’s related website/forum, and it is better to translate to your own language.

    I am here also to recommend use ECN commpany instead of market maker company which always play trick to make you lost money, then they can win money from you. Dukascopy and IB(IB(Interactive Brokers) are a good option.

  3. Кто получил деньги из Caesar? Caesar мошенник. Эта люди поставил коммент “Caesar хороший брокер”. Эта люди агент или сотрудник Caesar. Ребята они обманули.

  4. it is very smart company and very good offers

    when they give you no deposit bonus 300$ the give you a chance to make some profits for you and for them,

    so you can consider your self as an employee at this great company of they are investors and you invest their money

    I signed up because no deposit bonus is one of a good ways to check a broker out. And they did pay. Hope I can grow it to some two or three thousands.

    thanks for CAESARTRADE

  5. I got my “Test Us Out!” bonus of 50$ almost instantly after registration. It took about 3 hours to verify my account – quick enough. I think it’s a good opportunity for new traders to test their services, and I find their bonus offers more then fair to other competitors, therefore you can get not 10-20-30 but 300$, and T&C of withdrawal are not impossible.

  6. i get 250$ bonus and i had to trade 125 lots
    but i talked with 2 persons from caesartrade and they both told me i will NEVER withdraw any dollar IF I DON’T MAKE A DEPOSIT
    not even profits from the bonus
    even i will make trade 1,000 lots, not 125
    so, the only way to withdraw some money is to make a deposit
    the bonus is only to attract and catch you

  7. How do you do!
    I from Uzbekistan.
    This is Caesartrade swindler. I will open calculation 14.04.2015 and is obtained 50$. I begin it dealt credit arm 1: 100.
    My of money more than 1000 dollars and caesar will change my credit arm 1:50. 08.05.2015 my of money 4700 dollars and of caesar to still change credit arm 1: 5. I dealt more than 50 lots. My claim of 6 times it deflected. This game is machination. People do not entrust. Here this reference you will look!tab=trading
    Now my is calculation blocking.
    you look my the archive of the calculation!tab=history

    My is calculation 2100036212.
    I to send the claim of
    My claim: what disturbances exist my calculation?
    They everything no answer.
    Harvested my time.

  8. i get 250$ bonus
    not 300, because i am not registered on twitter
    in the begining, i had to wait pretty long time to get the first 50$ bonus
    and after that, i had to send 2 or 3 times screenshots with fb, youtube, linkedin, forum to get the other 200$
    i hope they will let me to withdraw the money without problems (in the moment i will have what to withdraw)

  9. i request the WEBISTE that pls post only those websites link that are reglated and certified…save clients from scams..thanks alot

    • caesar is very bad broker
      bad support
      bad bonus
      its scam
      my account is disabled
      they are changine his rules
      i complete 30 lot standard he change the leverage to 1:25
      for not completing this rules
      my account is 2100031657
      now is disabled

  10. They take time to credit you with the bonus, but I just got it. I opened my account early January and I had almost forgotten about it.


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