Esplanade MS – $50 Welcome Bonus

Esplanade Market Solutions

Promotion name:   $50 No Deposit Bonus / Welcome Bonus

Bonus amount:   50 USD

How to get:
1. Register Personal account and open a Standard trading account.
2. Send request.

Withdrawal requirements:
You can withdraw profits when trading volume is at least 10 lots.

More information:
The bonus expires after 1 month.
The leverage is 1:100.
Welcome Bonus is given once.

A D V E R T I S E M E N T InstaForex Deposit Bonus

Information about the broker:
Esplanade Market Solutions Ltd. is registered by the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Promotion valid:   The promotion is over

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  1. I’ve been trading 2 month on demo account with Esplanade and had funded account recently, because I think that trading conditions here are actually good and I’ve already got the feel of the service they can offer. Esplanade offers forex and CFDs trading using MT4 platform. On demo there were no slippages at all. Live account unfortunately has got some slippage on stops. Last week I’ve had 2 pips slippage on crude oil stop. The stop placement was below a major peak, so I actually think 2 pips is really good considering these circumstances. If you don’t think that trading is all you need to earn some money, feel free to find out more about Esplanade’s partnership program. I don’t use it myself, but I’ve read the conditions and they seem to be quite fascinating.

  2. I just want to thank Esplanade for being my reliable partner this year. This company has shown me finally what the good brokers service should look like. Instant executions with no requotes suit me perfectly. And the trading conditions are also very nice. Thanks and keep it up!

  3. Esplanade mc is the old market participant and have proved to be a reliable partner for retail traders like me. I’ve started trading here in 2018. So it’s been almost 2 years now. I think that the best part of working with esplanade is how smooth everything goes here. Throughout these years I only once had a big slippage on my market order. After a long e-mail communication with support members we’ve reached an agreement that the slippage was due to unexpected news (powell’s speach I think it was) so the broker could not really be held liable for that slippage. So while trading with Esplanade mc I can focus on my trading and discipline, I know broker is doing a good job on his side and this is a big relief. I definitely recommend Esplanade, especially for short term trading, cause spreads are nice here and leverage is 1:1000.

  4. Esplanade’s minimal deposit starts with $250. This is a standard account and you can choose whether you prefer fixed spreads or variable. The brokerage looks decent, I didn’t notice any problems with charts or datafeed. Spreads are not too tight on standard accounts, but ECN’s conditions that starty with 20R depos look fantastic for sure. Anyway, even regular account is fine to start with. Most importantly trades are executed smoothly here, so the brokerage seems be really professional and reliabale.

  5. I don’t want to praise this company very much, but the broker’s really not bad, and what’s most importantly, it’s doing its job. I opened a real account about half a year ago and haven’t noticed any manipulative actions from the broker. The execution quality is also really worthy; the money’s regularly withdrawn without fail. The only con perhaps is a necessity of a large deposit amount in order to open the ECN account.

  6. I trade here from time to time. The broker is good, they withdraw money and don’t get in your way. They’ve got quite a bit of assets…I trade forex really seldom cause I don’t have time. But I try to have at least a couple of trades each month. One thing though, I think money withdrawal could be faster.

  7. I wouln’t say that this broker is the best but I cannot call it the worst one as well. They pay, let you trade freely, whereas the speed of withdrawal, by modern standards, is pretty slow. Once, I was waiting for a withdrawal two days. All in all, the proker is definitely good.

    • I do apologize for my doubts, but did you file a complaint to police or any other authoritative regulator? If yes, could you please show it or at least let me know what they did reply. I normally trust people, but your message raises some doubts unfortunately. I’m an old customer of Esplanade and everything went well so far. In case if what you are saying is true, I need to reconsider my brokerage choice. However, as I’ve said before, I do have some doubts that your comment depicts the whole story truthfully.

      • I’ve been trading with Esplanade for almost two years and during that time I have earned about $10,000. I won’t say that this is a lot, but I’ve never had any delays to withdraw, usually it takes 1-2 days. In past, believed such reviews, but now I understand that this is just spam, which is published either by those who don’t know how to trade and didn’t learn nothing about trading but tried to, or by other companies. I respect Esplanade very much and I don’t think that I will face problems in the future.

    • When people say SCAM like this, in capital letters and with no further explanations I know exactly what was the story behind. There were hopes and expectations, there was tilt and pain, more tilt, more pain, and there was margin call in the end. How anyone as clever as I can be held responsible for not-so-wise emotional decisions on the market? No way! Let’s just say it was SCAM and remain delusioned about personal competence in trading.


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