Grand Capital – Welcome bonus $500

Grand Capital

Promotion name:   Welcome bonus $500

Bonus amount:   $500

How to get:
1. Open page “Promotions and bonuses”
2. Click button “Get the bonus”
3. Fill in the registration form
4. Verify your passport and mobile number

How it works and withdrawal requirements:
1. After registration you get $500 on ‘Welcome bonus $500’ account.
2. You trade 7 days to generate profit.
3. After 7 days the bonus will be removed, and profit will be transferred to Standard account (profit $100 or more) or to Micro account (profit less than $100).
4. To activate real account you need deposit an amount equal to or greater than the profit within 7 days.
5. To withdraw you need make 1 full standard lot for every $5 of profit.

More information:
‘Welcome bonus $500’ account has the same trading conditions as Standard account.
Maximum leverage is 1:100.

A D V E R T I S E M E N T InstaForex Deposit Bonus

Information about the broker:
GrandCapital is a broker from Seychelles and from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The broker is a member of FinaCom and CRFIN. Grand Capital provides a large selection of trading accounts. Broker offers attractive contests and bonuses.

Promotion valid:  This promotion is over. New Promotion – $500 Ramadan Bonus (until 05.06.2019)

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  1. I like trading with Grand Capital due to its bonus programs. I started with a small deposit and then I was granted with 40% bonus, so I managed to increase my profit with no extra risk.

  2. After reading these views
    It seems this broker is ensnaring people
    I had already made 150 profits from their bonus now it seems these guys are dishonest con men
    Imagine even when you make profits and deposit amount less than the profits made you can’t have your profits what a scam
    Who ever made this terms is a perfect reflectionot of a thief if not he had forgotten to take his pills that day

  3. With Grand Capital my incomes have doubled. Never really thought I could really succeed in trading but by opening simple Standard account I got an access to a huge number of instruments I always wanted to try. Trading signals I receive are very helpful, so now I truly know what amI doing by opening a trade. I’m still not being a pro, but I can see an improvement of my trading skills, no more losing deposits yet, which makes me so happy.

  4. Guys, most no deposit bonuses have screwed up conditions. Please show me a borker that allows you to withdraw your profit on no-deposit bonus. I also want to know about such broker!! From what I understand, what this Grand Capital broker offers is a test-drive on the real account with free $500. I think it is a pretty cool idea, considering so many ppl complaining about brokers with trading on demo and live acc defferent. I have never used no deposit bonuses and not looking to change a broker, just saying…

  5. I think this No deposit Bonus whole trading idea those not make any sense asking someone to deposit the same amount he/she made before withdrawer, the question is who is fooling who?. If the person has that amount why can’t he/she open a trading account and fund at once, Please stay away from this broker, they are not serious.

    • This 500$ bonus is not that good it waste your time if you happen to make more than you can afford . Really bad … The brocker is showing its carelessness , why didn’t they let traders to just supplement the profit made.

  6. it requires a deposit amount equivalent to any Profit made, otherwise they freeze the account. In my case, I made USD 900 profit and they would like me to deposit USD 900 to allow me continue trading. I spent 7 nights to make a profit from no deposit bonus of USD 500. I am now stranded. The no deposit bonus accounts are a gimmick to entice you into trading with the company. Don’t waste your time. There is no such thing as a freebee. Keep it simple. Deposit your money first and obtain a bonus against it instead.

    • Dear Paresh,
      We are sorry you’ve had unsatisfying experience with one of our offers. However, we must add that the bonus terms are freely available on our website. The bonus, indeed, requires a deposit upon the 7-day period. This bonus was designed for novice traders or prospective clients to provide them with an opportunity to try trading with Grand Capital without investing personal funds. After the bonus expires, the clients have an option whether to make a deposit to continue managing the profit, or open a new account and make a deposit on their own.

      • The thing is getting a novice traders make money they won’t afford to deposit . I think just get them deposit what they can afford in the next few days . I enjoyed my time with the brocker during this week but what I made is more than I can get to deposit. Just formulate a good condition to just what I stated up there. Also upon depositing what one will afford they will choose themselves account type.

  7. To activate real account it is required deposit to claim profit from $500 bonus. If my deposit amount is not the same as the amount of profit, for example profit $390 and deposit $50 ,is it possible to claim my $390 profit?

  8. this company is shit
    they never gave me $500 bonus
    if you want money and time, you have to find another company but this shit

  9. Nxxxii… They wasted my time. I was trading from the bonus because I don’t have the cash to fund a real ACC. Where on earth should I now get the deposit?? My profit is sitting there,,, stupid broker

  10. just learn to read you all.. this is bonus to deposit , there are the terms and conditions on their site.. if you cant read the best way to save your money is not to trade.. every broker will fukk you

  11. If I made profits and the co. got their money (bonus) back and I am making profits for the co (spreads) why they insist I make deposit, there is a smell of cheating and money swallowing there.

  12. Its a bad company in Russia. The livechat is not real, the webtrader is not running correct. There MT4 is not working correct, stay away from this broker if you like your money. Dont send them money!

  13. 4.8 In order to activate the real account must be made within 7 days to produce refill for an amount equal to or greater than the resulting profit to the bonus account, but not less than the minimum amount required for the first deposit.

  14. Don’t join them,they are newbies not serious ,I made profit of $656 in seven,as profit from $500,they ask me to deposit $656 so that the profit will not be deducted,they are only wasting our time,run away from their website


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