MFX Broker – $100 No-Deposit Bonus

MFX Broker

MFX broker offers $100 no deposit bonus to all those who suffered from Swiss bankers.

Promotion name:   $100 No-Deposit Bonus

Bonus amount:   $100

How to get:  
“1. Registration in the personal profile.
2. User certification.
3. Certification of wallet details of the payment processor which will be used later for withdrawing of the profit. Withdrawing to another wallet of the payment processor won’t be available. Wallet details must correspond with the personal details of the client.
4. Pass SMS-confirmation procedure and get a code.”

“The Bonus can be received only in case of provision of investor access to the account which suffered losses due to the events on 15 January”
“Bonus cannot be more than the loss during trading CHF pairs on January 15” –

Withdrawal requirements:  
To make a payout you have to get 4 lots traded volume.
The minimum amount possible to withdraw is 200 USD.

More Information:
Maximum leverage is 1:100. Account type is Standard with 87 currency pairs and 2 spot metal available.

Promotion valid:   for first 1000 clients only

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  1. #mfxbroker SCAM! NOT PAYING !!!

    Hello everyone I am a citizen of the capital Tbilisi, I am an investor MFX BROKER GEORGIA in the company of the amount invested, to yield offered me my money from the profits of any benefit to me and now, and now is at the foot of my own money to everyone not to trust anyone in this MFX BROKER IGOR VOLKOV AND MARGO ZHIZNEVSKAYA These are the criminals do not trust these people and this company plzz!!!! #mfxbroker SCAM! NOT PAYING !!!

  2. They have intuitive trading platform, many type of accounts. I’m think mfx is a good choice if you want to start your forex experience. Moreover this broker doesn’t get in your way and the service is professional.

  3. This broker doesn’t get in your way and the service is professional. I’m considering getting a professional account there. Until now i use their demo account.

  4. I have had real account in MFX for 8 moths and they are a great option if you care for your money. They don’t play against you and offer reliable the STP/ECN model.

  5. Saya terjun di dunia forex sudah 4 tahun lamanya. Mencoba beberapa broker dengan mendaftar akun demo atau sekedar ikut kontes untuk mencoba kinerja flatform mt4 atau layanan yang diberikan. Begitu menemukan kualitas broker yang bagus, pelayanan yang ramah dan deposit/withdrawal dengan cepat. Biasanya saya langsung berinventasi dengan akun rill tanpa ragu bila menemukan sesuai dengan kriteria saya. Selama saya berkecimpung di forex ada beberapa broker yang hanya mengambil keuntungan tanpa memperhatikan kelangsungan hidupnya.
    Tidak berdasarkan pengalaman saya saja, beberapa rekan-rekan saya mensurvei salah satu broker ini (MFX broker namanya). Mereka mengikuti kontes atau inventasi rill. Dan dari beberapa yang mengikuti kontes demo/rill menemukan kejanggalan. Ada beberapa yang memenangkan turnamen. Mereka mendapatkan hadiah sesuai posisi dan langsung bertransaksi dengan harapan investasinya berkembang. Setelah nominal tertentu withdrawal akan dilakukan dan tidak sesuai kenyataan akun mereka telah dihapus tanpa adanya konfirmasi.
    Oleh karena itu saya tidak merekomendasikan untuk rekan-rekan yang baru ingin mencoba broker tersebut untuk berinventasi langsung. Anda bisa kehilangan uang dan waktu anda percuma.
    Ini contoh akun saya:
    Login: 125170
    invPassword: 6vdjvPd
    server: MFXBroker-Cent
    nominalnya tidak seberapa, tetapi yang dipertanyakan adalah kinerja broker ini bisa dipercaya atau nggak? Itu terserah anda yang menilai.

    I jump in the world of forex already 4 years old. Try some brokers with a demo account or simply register for the contest to try flatform mt4 performance or services rendered. So finding a good broker quality, friendly service and deposit / withdrawal quickly. I usually directly invest in the real account without hesitation when finding according to my criteria. During my dabbling in forex there are some brokers who only take advantage without regard to survival.
    Not in my experience, some of my colleagues surveyed one of these brokers (MFX broker name). They enter a contest or investment in the real. And of some of the contest demo / rill found irregularities. There are some who win the tournament. They get rewarded according to the position and transact directly with the hope of developing investment. After a certain nominal withdrawal and does not fit the reality of their account has been deleted without confirmation.
    Therefore I do not recommend to colleagues who just wants to try the broker to invest directly. You can lose your money and time wasted.
    This is an example of my account:
    Login: 125170
    invPassword: 6vdjvPd
    server: MFXBroker-Cent
    nominal is not much, but the question is this broker’s performance can be trusted or not? It’s up to you who judge.


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