NewForex – Bonus “Welcome!” 50 USD


Promotion name:   Bonus “Welcome!”

Bonus amount:   5000 cents (50 USD)

How to get:  
Open a real trading account

Withdrawal requirements:  
In order to withdraw bonus and profit meet these conditions:
– make deposit equal to or higher than your balance
– make 50 full (open and close) transactions
– generate trading volume equal 0.07 lot for every unit of currency, for example: 9000 cents * 0.07 = 665 lots
You have 7 months from the date of the first deposit to fulfill above requirements.

A D V E R T I S E M E N T InstaForex Deposit Bonus

Promotion valid:   The promotion is over.

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  1. As the story goes, you can’t understand something without trying. So I began to trade with NewForex)) Right after registration of FirstStream 7087216, they gave me a bonus of $50 without any deposits. Then I began to work with it, but I didn’t invest my money there. After that, I opened NewGrade and as soon as I passed to account some money I received a bonus of 30%. I don’t remember the sum of money, but I decided to use one more of their bonus – 10% as a feedback. I was satisfied with all conditions for obtaining and on the following input of means I received 10%. The amount grew up to $2000 or smth like dat, so it was my real profit for a few months. I left a request for a deposit on my card. I passed verification. It took a long time cause they procrastinated with their work,so i got less money, than I was expecting. In a week Ive got my money without any commission. I also learned that conditions for trading at NewForex are good if to judge by my profit and bonuses which I can use constantly. There is nothing bad to say about dis organization

  2. My broker is a NewForex. I trade with this company for a two years. During this time I had no problem with company. Withdrawal takes 3 days as maximum, and without any commissions. There is a good bonus, 30% on every deposit, every time i get additional money for trading. I think it’s a reliable brokerage company with a good conditions for clients.

  3. I trade on a dollar account New Grade.Taking profits regularly every month 300 – $ 500.Work with NewForex since 2013. Quick transactions with no problems.Left plus, left minus. Execution of orders in the normal range.Techsupport is good.Ways to replenish a lot. Replenish by credit card, the withdrawal is also on the card.Fast and easy. I used the Welcome bonus . NewForex still has a license. It is a good guarantee that the money will not be wasted.

  4. I trade with a NewForex for a six months. I like to trade with this company, the terminal works well, orders are executed correctly, it’s possible to open a swap-free account. I use a bonus 30% on every deposit, it’s very convenient and it helps to get additional funds for trading. Per months on average I earn 600-700 dollars. I like to work with the Newforex, company has very good conditions.

  5. Work with NewForex. Here got the link somewhere on the web. And then began to pay attention to features such as interesting bonuses, a prize for activity. Using the 30% bonus to replenish I get to make a lot more than just funding account.The time I spend less and get more profit.Here you can open up to 10 accounts.I have four of them. Accounts are of two types First Stream and New Grade.I tried that and that. I have one stream and three grade.I trade every day. With the withdrawals never had any problems.I trade on important news and read the analytics of the company.Predictions usually come true. In a month I’m up to 1-2 thousand dollars.

  6. This bonus very very helping us to learn forex and to gain free fund from this no deposit bonus. But this program have been ended totally since Januari 16,2017.
    I hope Newforex will lauching newest great program soon.

  7. Broker Newforex have fair trading conditions, and execution is very fast, so the broker is favored by the scalper.
    This broker also offers a $ 50 bonus in real accounts that we can use to feel the performance of this broker

  8. No deposit bonus, can be as capital to learn and try to broker performance. Of course there are rules that we must follow when using this bonus, if you want more comfortable trading you should use our own money capital

  9. I use Newforex services. The company works very well. Newforex provides different options for trading. You can use cent or dollar accounts. Also, company offers a variety of leverage and no deposit bonus 50 dollars. It’s very good. I think that Newforex one of the best companies on the forex market.

    • Thank you for contacting us. A mobile version is being developed at the moment. It will be launched in 1 month. Follow our company news!

      With regards,
      Anna Mon
      NewForex representative

    • If you have a bonus account, you should read carefully withdrawal conditions for bonus accounts. If you have any questions left, please, write an e-mail to our support service.

      With regards,
      Anna Mon
      NewForex representative

  10. With NewForex I have been trading for about 7 months. During this time I have achieved positive results for me. When I started on the New Grade, I cautiously went to the market with a Deposit of 1 dollar.But over time, it has chosen the appropriate strategy scalping method 5 min. and started to increase the Deposit. I am quite satisfied with the profit. The risks were, are and will be all that is necessary to take into account in your trading system!In the first stage, I gradually intraderdaed, getting the money in sufficient number for me. Now I’m practically playing against the market. The results make me happy. The good thing is that they are on MetaTrader 4. There is no problem with the cache I have no problems there.And no need to take to heart the most forthright feedback on any dealing center. Personally, I leave NewForex positive feedback because lately their quality has gone up sharply. I hope that this trend will continue in the future.

  11. I started trading with Newforex this year. Before that I had a negative experience with otther broker… my funds were not withdrawn for a long time, and in any case the service was poor. i decided to trade on no deposit bonus 50$ from Newforex, i wanted to get more information abount the company and its service. The bonus is added into the cent account First stream. My trading account is 71152441. I trade on EUR/USD, spread is low, instant order execution. The company has a licence, it an advantage. Support is good. I am good with everything and i want to start trading on the dollar account and deposit my own money.

  12. I use a Newforex service. The company provides good conditions for trading. You can choose of two types of accounts, dollar or cent, spread is fixed and doesn’t change after opening the deal. Trading process takes place without problems. I withdraw 700 dollars last week, everything took place without any problems, in 1 day I got the money to my wallet.

  13. Hello. I trade with newforex for a 8 months, since March this year. This company has excellent conditions for traders. The spread is fixed for each currency pair and doesn’t change during the trade, you can choose a dollar or cent account, it’s possible to trade small volumes. I use a dollar account grade. This month I earned 1300 dollars. To withdraw funds I use a skrill, always get money within two days.

  14. I work with a Newforex for 4 months. This is a good company with excellent conditions for customers. There are all the basic tools for trading – metals, CFD, etc. I trade on the forex, I use a dollar account. Last month I earned 1300 dollars. To withdraw funds I always use neteller. I like the fact that the company quickly to withdraw funds, in 1 day I get money on my wallet.

  15. Newforex has excellent platform that means No Requote, all order processed really work fast and steady. For deposit and withdraw are smoothly and without comission. The EA work wonderful here.

  16. Hello. I have a good opinion about Newforex. During the time that I trade with this company I didn’t face with serious problems. If I had any difficulties then support always helped me. New Forex provides an opportunity to open swap free account, for me it’s important for religious reasons. The company also provides a useful bonus 30 percent on every deposit, I use it.

  17. Good broker NEW FOREX ! My withdrawals are always fast and trading is even faster. Haven’t seen such speed in a while. Can definitely recommend them for intraday trading.

  18. I like its order process, no Delay, No Requote, all order processed really faster. It makes my EA work really great here. Thanks for newforex for my last wd about $200 in previous month processed in skrill on time.

  19. I’m glad I found New Forex I’ve traded with them for a year after some bad experiences elsewhere. I like the strong leverage and charting and in this market only one click execution can make sense or you loose the trade all together… I’d recommend them.

  20. NewForex accounts have only advantages, here all is clear. All details are thought over. I trade both at First Stream and New Grade. In NewForex you can open account in different currencies, cents and euro-cents. They offer a signal service and trade copying, free intraday markets updates and technical analysis. Leverage is profitable from 1:100 to 1:700, have fixed spread from 2 pips, lot from 0.01. I like trading here. Made around 2000-2500bucks profit in few months.

  21. I make money here! Exactly with newforex. I’m interested in forex trading quite long, more than 7 years. I traded with profit and losses. I tried to learn all the details of trading. Now I trade with technical analysis, take into account the release of main news, don’t open positions at this time. When I open a trade, I analyze a chart. It alaways helps to open in the right direction. Mostly I trade with EUR / GBP, EUR / USD, GBP / USD. My choice is explained every easily, you can always get any information about these pairs. I trade within a trend strategy using levels of support and resistance. Meanwhile, I never try to catch the reverse point. NewForex is very comfy as a broker, they don’t hinder in trading. On the contrary they always launch new promotions to help traders. I’ve just withdrew 5000 bucks. Made in one day. During the referendum in UK newforex didn’t raise margin requirements, trading was available. And for me it was very profitable.

  22. I’ve been cooperating with New Forex since 2016.I started trading on a real account, and it was successful. I always get immediate assistance in case I have any questions about my account or trading platform. There is a lot of useful information on the company’s website.

  23. My friend advised me to start trading at NewForex, first I estimated all pros and cons and I can say that I don’t regret. I have withdrawn
    several times and without any troubles.

  24. I started to trade around 3 years ago. I decided to get some extra money. My friends traded well and earned enough. My first attempts failed. I lost deposits one after another. NewForex consultant Yana explained that success doen’t come so fast and told me how to analyze the market and what is worth reading. My first win was only half a year after that. But it was a significant day in my life. Thanks to competent support of NewForex specialists I understood how important it is to analyze information. Now I’m experienced trader. And Forex became part of my life. I trade with NewForex and withdraw 3000-4000 dollars a month.

  25. New Forex has good service and good to talk with the team always available to help even if I am always calling with the questions. I have asked my two colleagues to trade with this broker and will recommend to other trader.

  26. I’ve joined New Forex relatively recently. But for this few months, I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve attended many webinars. Besides, I got to know how to predict future price movements and analyze the current situation in the market. Now I recommend New Forex to all my friends. Thank you, New Forex.

  27. I can definitely say that NewForex is good broker. I started with bonus account, now I have two trading accounts, one bonus and another
    normal. They offer low spread, it’s a big advantage, fast execution. These are main things for me.

  28. I don’t really believe in all these promotions and bonuses. So I refused from the bonus during the registration of account at newforex. Yes,
    yes it is possible. You just indicate that you don’t want tio have a trading account with a bonus. Just read carefuly. You always have a choice.
    Don’t like a bonus, refuse from it. By the way I also found out that if you change your mind, later you can open a bonus account in the Personal
    Account in the section Bonuses. I don’t have it so far. In general trading is convenient and it is the main point.

  29. NewForex is the best broker. I trade here for almost 1 year. I can withhdraw without any problem. The leverage I can set myself and spread are low. Support staff are very helpful and I highly recommend this broker.

  30. Firstly I trade with their free bonus $50 and it was so great. The platforms work smoothly and fast execution. Great support staff that guide me until I understand well.

  31. NewForex really surprised me with their service. I opened a cent account first to feel safe and to test trading on a real account. Everything
    went smoothly, opened a dollar account, trade mostly with euro/dollar. Good spread, no sliding, trading conditions are good.

  32. Maybe NewForex is not such a famous broker but they work better than some top brokers. Withdraw on time, wide choice of trading instruments.

  33. This broker is scam. Violates their contract and withdraws money! Nobody is regulated, there is no place to complain. Those who speak Russian can go to the forum sistemforeks, there is a thread of evidence.

    • During the discussion at forexsystems you have admitted that you had not just one or two but “23 trades with the duration less than two minutes”.
      In our regulations it is stated that due to SYSTEMATIC violation of regulations and 23 is systematic, we can discontinue the service on the violator’s account.
      This is exactly what we have done. These sections of regulations were taken into account.
      Having agreed to trade with us, you fully accepted all our terms. And now you are not satisfied that we follow them. Moreover, regarding your situation you received all possible explanations and there is nothing left to add to what was said before.
      We acted decently and the company returned all your funds to the fullest extent in spite of your violation of our regulations and your obligations.

      Best regards,
      NewForex Spokesperson

    • The decision regarding your case remains unchanged: service denial and withdrawal of personal funds (which has been already performed). We apologize for all caused inconveniences and recommend finding a company where such type of strategy is allowed. As it was said, our company always pays out everything to honest traders.

      With regards,
      Anna Mon
      NewForex representative

  34. ONE THING is important..that this bonus is important to new traders because conditions here are not good for some one good trader….thanks

    • All bonus terms are provided on the website. Everything is fair and transparent. According to the conditions of the promotion “Welcome!”, to withdraw bonus and profit received from trading only with bonus funds it is required to transfer credit funds into balance. The transfer of credit funds into balance is performed in 2 steps.The first step — a deposit of the bonus account with the amount not less than the Bonus ($50) plus profit received from trading with bonus funds. The second step is making not less than 50 trades with the total volume, measured in lots. A formula which counts the number of lots you need to trade is bonus + profit x 0.07 = number of lots. For example, your profit is $10. You should count in US cents: 5000 usc (bonus)+1000 usc ($10 profit) = 6000×0.07=420 lots. When the total volume of trades reaches 420 lots, all funds on the bonus account become available for any transactions, including bonus and profit. For details, please, see point 7 of the Agreement. Statistics are available in the PersonalAccount: My accounts – My Bonuses – Promotion “Welcome!” – Detailed. The system starts counting trades and lots as soon as the first minimum required deposit of the bonus account is made.

      Best regards,
      NewForex Spokesperson

    • Totally NOT agree with you guys, I’m able to gain profit and WD some of fund from this bonus program. Sorry, i’m not wealthy trader, I just looking for free fund and free things. So its great program from this broker. my experience with this broker proving the thruth. NOTE “Follow the Rules” this is the key.

  35. newforex gave me 5000 cents….meaning fifty usd with good leverage that i set my self…..good online support….swap free accounts very good…..i am trading…..i ll recommend this broker…and very soon i ll inform you if i am able to withdraw


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