Vomma – $600 no-deposit bonus


Promotion name:   No Deposit Bonus $600

Bonus amount:   600 USD

Promotion conditions:
1. The amount of no-deposit bonus is $600.
2. No-deposit bonus is given to each client only 1 time.
3. Usual response time to the request is no more than two business hours.
4. Bonus is credited to “Credit” column for 2 weeks with the comment “Credit In: No-Deposit Bonus”, bonus is debited with the comment “Credit Out: No-Deposit Bonus”.
5. Funds are available for withdrawal only after debiting of the bonus.
6. Profit withdrawal is only available after funding of your account for the profit amount and making at least 5 trades.
7. Trading is allowed only with trading volume of 0.16 lots, and only 1 trading position can be in the market at the moment (several pending orders allowed).

In case if more than one trading position is in the market at the moment, and/or if the trading volume is different from 0.16, earned income will be written off automatically together with no-deposit bonus.

Information about broker:
The broker is operated by Vomma Limited, a company located in Seychelles.
Vomma offers two types of account: Classic and ECN with leverage up to 1:500.
Minimal deposit for Classic accounts is 10$, and for ECN accounts is 20$.

Promotion valid:   Promotion is over

Source: vomma.org

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8 Responses to Vomma – $600 no-deposit bonus

  1. Dod`s says:

    Scam no payinG!

  2. Parviz says:

    i have got bonus and made 160 and they withdraw my 160. I mean before i deposit 160, and then they withdraw 320 in total.

  3. Danny says:

    With this bonus I made 1000$ in a day… Spread is too small (0.1) and MetaTrade goes wrong…

  4. sam says:

    I already open an account but cannot login using the given account no. And pwd…

  5. gintaras says:

    Broker scammer!!! All broker GBP/USD 1.5660. Vomma 1.5700

  6. Chance says:

    6. Profit withdrawal is only available after funding of your account for the profit amount and making at least 5 trades.

    so the promotion name ”no deposit bonus” is wrong admin.
    they told me in chat that i must deposit if i want profits made with the bonus.
    i hope you post this in comments.is only advertising.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comment.
      The bonus is given before any deposit so it can be classified as no-deposit promotion. There is special section for no-deposit bonuses that need deposit to withdraw them or profit. The section is on our website below standard no deposit bonuses. Please also note that the promotion name is determined by the broker, not by us. Best Regards.

  7. Chance says:

    you need to deposit to benefit from your profit made with the bonus so there no ”no deposit bonus” is a deposit bonus in fact.

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