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  1. I was very glad to know that there is an opportunity to have teletrade dj bonuses even without real money. This is really cool. Thus, you can trade real money without your own money I will say this .. this is the second stage of training. The first stage is of course a TeleTrade demo account. Here you can take risks and calmly explore all possible trading options. For example, you will understand what will happen as a result of certain of your actions. Then you register a real account and get teletrade dj bonuses 100 dollars. This is real money and you can get real profit. That profit that you can then have and withdraw to your card. Is not that great. This is a good opportunity for everyone.
    TeleTrade has long proven itself to be a reliable broker. In addition, there are good trading conditions, low spreads and many available trading instruments.
    Money is withdrawn without problems and this is a good advantage.
    So I think you should try to trade with this broker!

  2. Hello everyone! Several years ago I traded with this broker, sometimes it was successful, sometimes it was not. Then, over time, he returned to his old job, but did not forget about trading. From time to time I go in, look at the schedule, read articles. I read that there is such a thing as synchronous trading and that Teletrade has it. Can you tell me what it is?

  3. I think this is a very good offer for traders who have just started their work. When you trade demo, you can learn how to use indicators and understand how prices move in the market. It’s great. But … there is no feeling that you are making real money. Without a deposit bonus TeleTrade gives it. And that’s great. Once you feel real money, you cannot be stopped !!!!
    So I think that this can and should be used!
    By the way, TeleTrade provides good trading conditions, I think you need to be interested in this broker and use the services)

  4. The basic idea of no-deposit bonus is good. Imagine a beginner trader with some experience of trading on a demo account and no funds to deposit. OK, he learned about trading, used self-education, and spent sleepless hours in front of the trading terminal. He reached the profitable zone. Constant and stable performance with a good profit-to-loss ratio, and affordable drawdown.
    But that’s fake money…
    TeleTrade gives a chance to newbies to try the real-conditions trading. Of course, there are lots of conditions for the welcome bonus. But why would a company give its own funds to everyone?
    If the result is positive in the long run, then there’s a reason for continuing the trading career. The bonus gives an opportunity to build an account up. But if not, it would be better leaving the market and forget about it.

  5. I have a little experience of trading using technical analysis, building trade lines and getting signals from some indicators. Teletrade MT4 contains useful and flexible tools to trade. I have even made a couple of withdrawals recently.
    As far as I understand, the fundamental part of things is essential for the markets as well. Can I get constant support from TeleTrade in terms of fundamental analysis?

    • Fundamental Forex analysis is based on changes in the economic and political life of society. It is these changes that very often lead to predictable currency changes. Of course, you can constantly be aware of such events using the economic calendar, which is located in the corresponding section of the site.

  6. It’s very cool when a company encourages a trader to start trading on a live account as soon as possible. Because by putting it off, the trader only makes things worse for himself. He begins to panic unnecessarily in such a case. Or he starts not to take money seriously.
    And you don’t want to postpone the start of trading with the TeleTrade Welcome Bonus. And that’s a good thing.

  7. Brokers are different, and they all have their pros/cons, but Teletrade is somehow the most comfortable for me.
    Most likely, it is precise since there is a solid number of instruments. For example, you can manually adjust the stop loss, and the commissions for orders are very small.
    This justifies that here you can work with small amounts. It will not be too risky.
    Concerning the withdrawal of funds, everything is also transparent, and you can withdraw any amount at any time.

  8. I was surprised that they give a 100% bonus. I am new to trading and probably still do not know everything, but I studied brokers and many had much less no deposit bonus. Even 50% is not for everyone ..

    To be honest, at first I thought that this was not true and most likely they were deceived somewhere .. But fortunately everything was fine .. I made a deposit of 500 dollars and received another 500!)) After that I decided not I will be able to withdraw my earned money .. According to the conditions, I need to make a trade volume of 20,000 .. and then I realized that this is not possible for me ..
    ..It’s hard to imagine how surprised I was when I was able to do this within a month. And then also withdraw everything to my credit card. I think I need to take risks more often and believe in good things and everything will work out;)))

  9. You have to understand right away, bonuses are things you can use or things you can give up.
    And don’t use it if you don’t understand what you can do with it and how you can use it in the market.
    You always have a choice so you can try something.
    But you have to remember that it slows down the withdrawal of money.
    So you better evaluate right away whether it makes sense for you at the moment.
    Or you should try it later.
    Although it definitely strengthens your capital considerably.

  10. Great offer! In general, I think that if you use bonuses wisely, it’s a great way to improve your trading results, especially in the long term. So if you’re not counting on quick money, then bonuses in TeleTrade are what you need to get started in trading.
    I think it’s easier to train on them, shall we say, than on your own funds. And thanks to bonuses, you can manage more capital than you can provide. And the more capital you have, the more volume you can trade. And therefore, the more profit you can make in TeleTrade.

  11. They are Scam ,after you made a deposite and when you want to withdraw they will cancel your profit and ask you to verfiy your account again and they will refuse any ducomentos you provide and becouse They have a prior intention to scam you , they will never pay you even your own funds
    this is thier game to steal people
    avoid this broker

    • I guess you could have simply violated their terms and conditions. There may be several reasons why you are struggling to withdraw money. Perhaps, you haven’t verified your identity yet. Reach out to their customer support team. it works fast.


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