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A D V E R T I S E M E N T InstaForex Deposit Bonus

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  1. Scam Scam Scam Big Big Scam
    Dear Tareeq Mohmood Ciudadania,
    Your KYC documents have been approved!
    We are here to help,
    Windsor Brokers Team

    After i received this mail
    Dear Tareeq,

    We would like to inform you that as per the Terms and Conditions of the $30 Promotion, kindly note that a client may not use the name and/or registration data (including but not limited to IP address, email address, telephone number, physical address, utility bill etc.) of another participant in the $30 Promotion.
    Therefore, this email serves to notify you that the $30 credit in your account and any profit or loss derived from that will be cancelled as of immediate effect.

    Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of this promotion for further details.

    Windsor Brokers Team

  2. got the bonus after requesting for verification. it only took a day after registering.traded gbpusd and eurusd and made 34.37 profit withdrew using webmoney and got the money after 2 hrs. i was skeptical at first because of the negative comments i see here but i gave it a try and am all i can say try them

  3. They are legit I go my withdrawal, you guys I see that you complain about PENDING status, talk to them on Live chat to verify you, they will verify you and you’ll get your money

  4. Guys this is a clean Scam, I got the $30 bonus, I traded it and flipped a profit of $108 and still had running trades, when I was exploring on the withdraw option I was notified that the status of my live account was pending and was advised by a customer care assistant to contact support to remove the account pending issue which I did, Shortly after messaging support I received a stupid email that my bonus account was terminated and now they have removed even the profits I made and their bonus as well.
    Meaning I wasted my time, data and strategy to make for these guys money.
    Those who still don’t believe I wish you good luck

  5. Windsor brokers is a scam. I requested to withdraw on my bonus account just yesterday and I was told my KYC documents or whatever is still being processed. 8 hours later I get an email saying my account has been terminated and when I logged in on MT4 they cleaned all my profits. When you request for a live chat on their site as soon as you tell the agent what’s up and ask for a solution they go AWOL on you, they ignore your text after asking “How can I help you?”

    • i will tell you why your account was terminated. you have 2 or more accounts with them and dont lie because i had the same issue. so i came to notice if you sign up on there site. 1st clear your browsing data and cache. 2nd dont use the same ip address as you did with previous accounts and make sure if you are using chrome to sign up, dont have your gmail account synced in that browser. so here is what i did. i opened a 3 rd account with them using a diff browser, diff ip address and i was given the no deposit bonus on 8th of sept 2020. i traded gbp/aud on 9th and got a profit of 154$. i tried withdrawing they rejected it saying i need to have completed 0.5 lots and had opened a minimum 10 positions . i did that and tried withdrawing the 2nd time with 132$ profit and it was approved. and by the way the withdrawal took ike 30 min max to webmoney.
      moral of the story dont go around crying wolf and you know you were on the wrong.

      • some folks come here to bad mouth good brokers like windsor, superforex and xm. i got my bonus after 5 working days. i started trading on 28th sept and 29th sept 2020. withdrew the profit on 29th sept using web money. got the 40.63$ after 10min . the only thing i hate about windsor is their customer care. but all in all i still got the money

      • Man don’t try defending these folks I personally have one account but they cleaned my profits too after denying me withdrawal, and you are here talking shit

        • bruh stop lying. i have withdrawn more than 3 times from them last withdrawal was 76$ on 27th nov . i followed all iam dan stated to the tee. and i will do it again.the dude’s a genius.

        • Windsor brokers are criminals! Anyone supporting them in the comment is them or have been paid to do so… Don’t listen to those backing them.. I tell u the truth windsor broker is a criminal. THEY ARE SCAMMERS. THEY WON’T GIVE U YOUR PROFIT MADE. SO DON’T WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME. They are bunch of assholes who set up the business just to rob people! I know their game! They did that shit to me and many other people I know personally!

    • Windsor brokers are criminals! Anyone supporting them in the comment is them or have been paid to do so… Don’t listen to those backing them.. I tell u the truth windsor broker is a criminal. THEY ARE SCAMMERS. THEY WON’T GIVE U YOUR PROFIT MADE. SO DON’T WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME. They are bunch of assholes who set up the business just to rob people! I know their game! They did that shit to me and many other people I know personally!

  6. Those of you who are complaining, I don’t know what you are looking for, this broker is awesome… Windsor Brokers is legit and truthful guys come on!.

  7. This is very good broker. I got 30$ bonus. It is real and i want to trust you. Good luck all client and all trader


    • sorry for that, i got bonus.
      i have to make bonus to real.
      they to 2 days for account verification, thank windsor.

  9. Don’t wast your time guys, I got 30$ NDB,after trading 0.54 lots ( they said 0.5 to withdraw ) and making 73$ as profit , and when I ask for the withdrawal,suudenly they closed my account without any information !!!! BIG SCAMERS stay away guys.

  10. It’s a scam, i made profit but they terminated the account when i made withdrawal. This was intentional as i did not violate any of their terms.

    • Wow! I received my NDB within hours of registration, the verification was very fast only took 3 hours. Iam happy with quick response from Windsor. I will update you guys when I withdraw. Big up Windsor broker

  11. Scam broker.. after trading and making profit when it is time to withdraw my profit they terminated my account for no reason

  12. Their system is bad, I registered for the first time on this day and I cannot verify my cellphone number, when I speak to one of the employees over the phone he tells me that my cellphone number has already been used yet I’ve registered for the first time today. Not really sure if you can trust this broker.

  13. I’m stuck in verification….I have a ID card but the problem is the proof of address doesn’t match the surname on my ID card…. Windsor will it be possible to upload what I have as proof of identification?

  14. i think they are the best i have got my 30$ bonus am trading am yet to see weather i will be able to withdraw my profit but i love them

  15. so i had applied for a ndb and on 3rd dec they said they were processing my it and should wait 7 working days.
    i waited and when the d-day came i asked support they told me to wait 10working days
    i waited and asked the same question after the 11th working day ,they told me to be patient i should just wait and there is no specific timeline on when i was going to be given the ndb
    so meaning i could be next month or 2021 or even after 300 million years. will update if am still alive when they decide am worth the ndb.

    • update:
      i did receive the bonus and traded for 2 days making a profit of 138.87$. withdrew using wmz and got the cash afterlike 2 and half hours.
      pros:the site lives upto to its reputation for being trustworthy
      and i def recommend to anyone out there who wants to use the no deposit bonus.
      be patient. i def wasn’t
      cons: they approved my withdrawal but never got a confirmation from them. i had to log into my wmz account and see if the cash was there. but superforex also did the same i.e no confirmation email so maybe its an industry thing

      • Great broker…I received d $30 bonus after my account was verified.i think I will recommend dis broker to people

      • Hi, I created account with them and I successfully got $30 no deposit bonus. I am having trouble making profits. Did you use any signals or did you just trade on your own?

  16. i followed all instruction and i have the $30 now im going to trade and fund my account, best broker.the rules of their credit is not even harmful to the beneficiary i would like to say this broker wants traders to succeed.

  17. Now i can trade with the bonus mmh it so good to have this broker guys stop crying and follow my instructions and dont make the broker look bad with your bad comments (you have to change the currencies to major currencies that have @ on the biggining and dont forget to comment again when you have the bonus

  18. Guys the bonus works..took 3-4 days to be verified and I have received the bonus…most people here don’t know how this thing works, they expect to see the 30$ shown on the balance will show 0.00$ but your credit, equity, and free margin will show 30$..u will see something like this;

    Balance $ 0.00 (other brokers show their bonus here and make it non-withdrawable but Windsor
    credit $30.00 simply gives u the credit, allowing u to withdraw any profit shown on Balance)
    Equity $30.00
    Free Margin $30.00 (as I said, most people don’t know how this thing works)

  19. Don’t waste your time they won’t deposit a cent in your account. I have opted since two weeks back till today. Account is at 00. No bonus was awarded

  20. they can’t keep their promises after two weeks i registered with them but i have not recieved the bonus they promise .. when you send email they tell you be patient.. after two weeks they me to be patient i wonder if profits is withdrawable after how long

  21. I have the bonus after 2 days. Quite confusing at first when online chat. They reply in chines and ask me to sign a document like a bank. I send email to them and after that their representative call me back. Finally I got the bonus.

  22. Its the best ever broker I have come across. Its so easy to get no deposit bonus after you have been verified.
    Keep up the good work Windsor lots of love

  23. They have no interest on giving the no deposit bonus all they will tell u is to deposit funds, so u should be careful
    Coz they cant keep their promises

  24. I really recommend you this broker.
    They have no restriction for the welcome bonus withdrawal, only if your live account
    not active for 30days and you cheat them by using any trick to get double welcome bonus by applying two or more welcome bonus account.

  25. so am reading comments about how people are waiting and waiting for verification and honestly i signed up waited like 24hrs, then they called me told me i needed to some another document for address verification, which i did. then i was informed i had to wait like 2 days to get the bonus, surprisingly i got it in 1 day. traded made 100$ sent them a screenshot of my skrill account and withdrew. so stop saying its a scam they are people who read these comments and give up without even trying not cool.

  26. Stupid broker, look good on website but probably just another fairy dust FX company collecting documents. Never responded to emails their support is dead and bunch of monkeys they have as back office

  27. Windsor is the best broker I have came across, with the $30 credit bonus I received on 9 October when my account was verified I have made good profits.i have withdrawn $355.I believe this is a good broker and I highly recommend it.For your proof this is my login details with investors password.

    Mt4 number 68168
    Investor : 038732 (read only password)
    Server:Windsor Brokers BZ Ltd.

  28. windsor broker gave me the $30 bonus and i traded with it and made $120 profits within a week, i applied for withdrawal and i was paid the profits immediately, i don’t think they are scammer. please still give them a trailer.


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