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Technical analysisWhat is the Technical Analysis?
At what point it is worthwhile to buy the investment vehicle in order to earn at minimal risk?   It’s the most  important question asked by traders operating on the currency market. In Forex there are two interrelated methods of market analysis. These are technical analysis and fundamental analysis. more

Types of Trends in Forex
In the Forex market, trends reflect the average rate of change in price over time. A trend is a useful indicator of where the market is headed and offers an opportunity to take action to achieve a specific target. Not surprisingly more

Technical analysisTypes of Charts
Chart is an analytical basic trader tool on Forex. The price it is possible to describe graphically in different configurations. Bar and candlestick line charts are included in the most popular types of charts. In the article their broad elaboration was pre­sented. Line charts present a summary of closing prices in selected more

Technical analysisForex Support and Resistance
Support and resistance is one of the most commonly used concepts in the Forex trading. However, most traders have their own way of measuring support and resistance. Many a times, it can lead to false estimations, which can in turn affect business. So it is important to understand how to read charts and indications to understand more

Forex technical analysisTrading styles on Forex in relation to technical analysis
Opponents of technical analysis always come out with the argument that chart is self-fulfilling prophecy, since all profi­teers can see identical formations on it. That’s not true. Diversity of trading styles on the currency market paralyzes.  You can say one thing. Every Forex trader has his own approach to earning more

   Forex Brokers   

Forex BrokersTypes of Forex Brokers
Correct broker selection requires knowledge of specificity intermediaries function on the currency market. In the article you will find crucial information, affecting selection of the best offer. On the Forex you will meet intermediaries operating based on dealing desk and no dealing desk. more

Forex BrokersHow to Choose a Forex Broker?
The Forex market right now is the world’s largest trading hub. It is so simply because of the number of options, transactions and sheer volume of currencies traded. It also works around the clock and is constantly in operation from Monday to Friday. Trying to figure out where to begin, how to trade and how to make these trades in a safe more

   Forex Promotions   

Forex PromotionsTypes of Forex Promotions
Forex brokers offer a number of trade promotions unique to this line of business. Other than Forex bonuses and associated contests, there can also be promotions without any particular name. Deposit bonuses are offered to new clients by Forex companies. Existing clients may also be given the benefit of this promotion more

Forex Promotions10 Tips to Win a Forex Demo Contest
Hooray, free money! While there is nothing like free money in this world, there are many ways to earn some easy money. Forex brokers are always running promotions and contests to attract and retain customers and you can take advantage of this. While most of these contests require some deposit, others are deposit-free and open to more

   Social Trading  

Social TradingSocial Trading on Forex
What is the most important during trading on Forex? Of course, transaction system which provide a maximum return rate. It seems to be a simple matter, but it requires to gain experience, knowledge, capital, indicators test, etc. A whole bunch of things, but the result is still uncertain. more

   Risk Management  

Risk ManagementForex Risk Management Strategies
Forex trading is a risky business. Traders employ risk management strategies to cut potential losses and soften the blow of bad trades. If you’re a beginner investor, it is critical that you do your homework to make informed and confident investment decisions. Part of this more