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A D V E R T I S E M E N T InstaForex Deposit Bonus

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  1. This is a fake promo and waste of time stupid promotion stop fake promo
    All promotors are only wasting others time

  2. Dear client,

    No deposit bonus is available only for clients residing in the countries where GKFX Prime has an office and is actively performing marketing activities, that’s why we can’t offer this bonus promotion to clients from SOUTH AFRICA

  3. December 2018 after verification you said the bonus has ended. You offered me a deposit bonus. Why do you still put it here. You not trustworthy, you just tricking people to register. You just wasting people’s time. You amongst to a scam.

  4. Just remove your add @ GKFXPrime. Why say its a non deposit account with $55 bonus if it ain’t so. Just stop irritating us. Why can’t you be transparent like XM Global?

  5. What do mean about that this bonus is working only where GKFX prime runs marketing how would we know where you run market and where you not pls dnt west time of ppl every one is had a busy life and write your website the country name where you runs your marketing

  6. There is some issue with their Terms. Due to this, it would appear that the bonus is a marketing trick. The broker, GKFX Prime should take a look on this seriously if they really mean a legit business.

  7. Hey Guys, don’t be too difficult with GKXPrime. They are just offering a “privilige”, not a benefit. It is not an entitlement but a perks. If there is any reason they have not to credit the Bonus, you should all be reading their Terms before applying or registering in the FIRST PLACE.

  8. Dear Traders,
    As we mentioned in our reply messages, this bonus was only applicable for the countries where GKFX Prime runs marketing activities. One way or another the bonus is published in some websites apperantly, on the otherside bonus is not announced by GKFX Prime globally.
    GKFX Prime Support

  9. wow…komentar nya bagus. saya sudah dapat bonus $55 sesuai promosi nya.sebaiknya baca dulu term n conditionnya sebelum komentar ya. saya sudah buktikan saya dapat bonusnya. tapi masih proses trading, belum bisa komentar soal proses WD nya…..sabar.

  10. Wow … The comments. I can’t even say anything. There are some people who can withdraw bonuses and some are not. Is it really that feasible to join GKFX bonus? I am curious. From the broker itself, there must be a complete transparent about the withdrawal bonus terms. For trader themselves, they should at least read and not to be lazy to ask about bonus rules.

  11. Fake bonus … I register, verify the account and … NOTHING. In terms and conditions don`t mention nothing about countries restrictions.

  12. No bonus.
    “Dear client,

    This bonus program is intended for the clients residing in the countries where GKFX Prime has an office and is actively performing marketing activities. Alternatively, you can fund your account and get 55% initial deposit bonus.

    Thanks for your interest in GKFXPrime!”


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