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  1. They suspended my acc after increase the acc to €500+..Saying I commited fraud. Dont trust this guys. They should be burned all together and their trading licence revoked.

    • Hello Khwezi – you’ve not been particularly honest in this comment. In fact you received 25 EUR on a free no deposit bonus. You successfully withdrew 120 EUR and received this amount. Every time a user withdraws for the first time our compliance team performs a secondary check on their account. In this case it was discovered that your birth certificate that you submitted alongside a national ID card turned out to be a fake. A national ID card is something we normally don’t accept but in this case gave you the benefit of the doubt – and after the birth certificate was proven to be fraudulent we revoked your account access and gave you a detailed explanation as to why this was. You still received an original payout of 120 EUR – we didn’t ask for the funds back despite the fraud committed. You then sent us several apologetic emails in hopes that we would overturn the ban. Which we refused. When this failed – you’ve taken to slander on this website.

    • Jiabao – you emailed us requesting a no deposit bonus after the expiry period for the no deposit. But you had signed up within the timeframe, however you reacted poorly to an auto-responder email telling you the bonus was over. We subsequently emailed you to apologise – and to inform you that the 30 USD bonus had been credited to your account. You have not used that bonus yet, but it is still available to you. Perhaps you will consider it before the bonus expiry period.

  2. Just registered with VoulumeFx, and and guys have to say the support team is on some other level. They respond in seconds. Yep i’ve got the bonus and am already trading with it now, ill also give a feedback on the withdrawal process as well.

    All in all its a good broker!!


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